1) Add function to Flush DNS Cache

2) Add function to Schedule CHKDSK for next boot

3) Add warning to anti-virus installs about time taken

4) Adjust licence checking/activation to use final SKU syntax

5) Fixed bug with offline licence key checking

6) Added checking to .NET framework installation to save time onload

7) Optimised loading engine to further reduce startup time

8) Fixed bug with Avast/AVG switching that allowed both to be activated for installation

9) Added option to skip Anti-Virus checking/install code for rare circumstances when this is useful

10) Fixed .NET framework checking as previous implementation was erroring each time without checking

11) Skip AV Section fixed and now switch is activating correctly

12) Adjusted HDTune launch so that it now appears after the message in progress bar rather than covering it

13) Removed silent switch from DirectX Setup (Advanced CPU benchmark and Performance Test options) as it appeared not be running this step


1) Fixed bugs introduced when adding/adjusting features

2) Fixed continue button not working on licence check screen – swapped to automated load after 7 seconds

3) Adjusted Set IE homepage from DOT-COMm to Custom

4) Adjusted Soluto label so fits inside box

5) Replaced last traces of Comic Sans MS

6) Improved user friendliness of Activation and Trial screens

7) Fixed issue with Main Menu not loading after activation

8) Fixed flash installer not running before Monitor Test application

9) Added MsgBox before Monitor Test to explain how to use

10) Amended report storage location and header

11) Added progress bar (marquee style) to .net Frameworks install section of Welcome screen

12) Made Google default homepage for IE settings

13) Adjusted licence checking code to add manual continuation rather than automated

14) Switched developer pin to Yubikey pin for better security

15) Adjusted menu calls from developer mode functions

16) Updated Developer Mode report to include items previously missing when skipped

17) Fixed bug introduced when adjusting Malware Bytes code so that it is installed before scans if only scan option selected

Please note: Future code changes will be conducted using branches so as to preserve the main codebase, to signify these we will be using the suffix b followed by a revision number to the end of the version structure e.g. would be – major version 0, minor version 8, alpha status, mainline build 2, branch build 1. It is likely however that this page will only be updated when the branch is merged back to form the next mainline build, however in that case it will still show all changes from the branch and the branch revisions it is made up from.


Fixed Licence Key screens and checking function

Replaced Comic Sans MS with Georgia


1) Fixed bug with “Developer Mode” label on non-developer mode report

2) Added delay to ensure Malware Byte’s has fully installed before trying to run tool for next step

3) Added all 3 anti-virus program silent installs for all operating systems (except Windows 8)

4) Fixed Defraggler under Windows XP so that it uses same method as later operating systems

5) Added licence key system tied in with website

6) Replaced PassMark BurnTest (Commercial) with HeavyLoad (Freeware)

7) Replaced PassMark Keyboard Test (Commercial) with Aqua Key Test (Freeware)

8) Replaced PassMark Monitor Test (Commercial) with Flash Based Monitor Test (Freeware)

9) Replaced SIW (Commercial) with HWiNFO (Freeware)

Version (Version

1) Replace images and re-brand under Codesmith Software Technician’s Toolkit
2) Adjust version numbering system to the following layout:

  • First number will now represent major version number and will be updated after major changes to the program
  • Second number will now represent minor version number and will be updated after minor changes to the program provided that they are not bug fixes (these will update 4th number)
  • Third number will now represent development status, i.e. Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate or Final (0 through to 3)
  • Fouth number will now represent revision in that development status, i.e. Beta 1 would be X.X.1.1
  • As a result this version number will be mirrored as


1) Revise toolkit to use images built into the executable rather than seperate images to allow for a single file to be used to launch the toolkit


1) Amend Audit function to use new program location
2) Remove AntiVir/BitDefender and Panda Cloud from Anti-Virus options
3) Add list of available updates to report under Automatic Update function call


1) Adding dynamic splash screen due to increase in length of time taken to load up all program resources
2) Adding missing button image and updating Malware Byte’s Quick Scan to be a default option on the Computer MOT (Previously just installed the tool by default on the Computer MOT)


1) Initial build of code produced
2) Added program icon