Technician’s Toolkit

Goal of Project

The purpose of this software is to provide PC technician’s with a toolkit that can be used to diagnose and repair individual issues with a machine (For example, Blue Screen errors, Virus problems) as well as to allow the PC technician to run a semi-automated “Computer MOT” that will perform a variety of checks and regular maintenance on the PC and output the results in a HTML formatted report for printing/saving.

Development Status Summary

Currently on version (Alpha Revision 1) which includes code to run a large section of the “Computer MOT”. I am hoping to continue to add in the additional features which you can find detailed below in the images of the “Computer MOT” as well as on the Development Status page (Under construction as of posting this)


It should be pointed out that the following images are taken with the toolkit running in a special testing mode called “Developer Mode”. This is designed to allow for single option running as well as overriding the switches where only 1 option can be run. It also defaults to having all options de-selected (hence all the red cross switches), in normal operation a set of default options would be enabled which could then be added to or removed by the technician using the toggle switches provided.


None currently available but keep checking back for more details

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