Commercial Program Replacement for Technician’s Toolkit

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Hi all

After extensive testing we have selected the replacement programs. These are listed below:

Passmark BurnTest – Replaced by HeavyLoad
Passmark Performance Test – Replaced by NovaBench (provided i can make a portable version)
Passmark MonitorTest – Replaced by Monitor Test from
Passmark KeyboardTest – Replaced by AquaKeyTest
Passmark WirelessTest – Replaced by NetSurveyor (provided i can make a portable version)
System Information 4 Windows (SIW) – Replaced by HWInfo32

These programs will be integrated into the Computer MOT as well as the other menus of the Technician’s Toolkit where appropriate.

I hope to be building a new version of the tool soon that i will hopefully be in a position to offer for Beta Testing of the Computer MOT in its current state.

Thanks to everyone for your support and patience so far


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